Music House Library

Welcome to the Vermilion Music House Library!

The Vermilion Music House Library was founded in 2023. It serves as a way to connect students with possible clients, as well as to provide reference tracks for filmmakers in QUT. The library is versatile in its music allowing students the opportunity to explore various genres and styles.*

*All listed tracks fall under Creative Commons for QUT students and staff.


For crediting use the following format:

“Track” by “Artist” under Vermilion Records

Funky Ad MusicMax MuirCorporate, FunkGroovy, Positive, Upbeat Download Track
Dystopian theme synth piece (no guitar)Samuel RetyDance, Electronic, Jazz, SynthwaveCinematic, Dark, Electronic, SciFi/FutureDownload Track
Back HomeSher Lin TehAcoustic, Country Folk, Pop, Rock Calm, Home Sick, Instrumental, WarmDownload Track
Orchestral emotional strings pieceCristina RichardsClassic, Instrumental, Orchestral, ScoreEmotional, Melancholy, Reflective, SombreDownload Track
Unrequited Love piano and vocal harmonySamuel RetyBallad, New Age, Piano, RomanceGentle, Hopeful, Romantic, WeddingDownload Track
Guitar SoundscapeMax MuirAcoustic, Ambient, Instrumental, SoundscapeBackground, Creepy, Reflective, TenseDownload Track
JazzmatazzMax MuirElevator, Instrumental Jazz, StudyCalm, Light, Modern, RelaxDownload Track
Swanky Strings and PianoCristina RichardsContemporary, Electronic, Instrumental, Orchestral PopDark, Funky, Smooth, SwankyDownload Track
Sad Reflective Vinyl Piano Toybox Rory DonovanPiano, Retro, Vintage, VinylCreepy, Melancholy, Reflective, SadDownload Track
In The DistanceCristina Richards, Thomas WilkinsonAmbient, Horror, Scary, SoundscapeDark, Ominous, Scary, ScinisterDownload Track
PonderCristina Richards, Thomas WilkinsonBallad, Instrumental, Piano, SoulfulEvocative, Gentle, Nostalgic, OptimisticDownload Track
Garage rock songThomas WilkinsonGrunge, Instrumental, Punk, RockAggressive, Energetic, Fun, HeavyDownload Track
DaydreamCristina Richards, Thomas WilkinsonEasy Listening, Electronic, Indie, InstrumentalFeel Good, Happy, Optimistic, RelaxedDownload Track
Low TideCristina RichardsAmbient, Easy Listening, Electronic, Instrumental Calming, Gentle, Relaxed, UpliftingDownload Track
OvercastCristina RichardsAmbient, Contemporary, Electronic, Instrumental Optimistic, Pensive, Reflective, SmoothDownload Track
Slap bass funkMax Muir, Cristina Richards, Tom WilkinsonFunk, Jazzy, LatinFunky, Groove, MinorDownload Track
Guitar Soundscape (Slide Variation)Max MuirAmbient, Background, SoundscapeCreepy, Dark, Eerie, UnderscoreDownload Track
Corporate ad music (marimba variation)Max MuirBackground, Corporate, PopGentle, Happy, Light, UpliftingDownload Track
Corporate Ad Music (Guitar Variation)Max MuirCorporate, PopFeel Good, Hopeful, Light, UpliftingDownload Track
Corporate ad music (Piano Variation)Max MuirPop, InstrumentalLight, Reflective, Sentimental, UpliftingDownload Track
Melancholy SlideHenry DollarAmbient, Indie, New Age, PopBittersweet, Gentle, Melancholy, Pensive, Somber, WistfulDownload Track
EuphoriaAngela KoranskiAcapella, Choral, Contemporary, Vocal HarmonyAdventure/Discovery, Drama, Gentle/Light, Happy,Cheerful, Magical/Mystical, UplifitingDownload Track
Piano PieceThomas WilkinsonElectronic, Independent, Instrumental, PianoDreamy, Minimal, Nostalgic, SoftDownload Track
Punk song for BriefThomas WilkinsonGarage, Punk, RockAggressive, Cool, Fun, Grungey Download Track
Snowy NightMax MuirFilm Score, Instrumental, OrchestralEmotional, Empty, Pensive, UnderscoreDownload Track
Connecting the dotsMax MuirEpic, Film Score, instrumental, OrchestralAction, Thriller, Suspensful, UnderscoreDownload Track
Atmospheric Piano Suspense SoundscapeCristina RichardsAmbient, Horror, Instrumental, SoundscapeDark, Scary, Suspense, UnsettlingDownload Track
8-bit Inspired Game SongCristina Richards8-bit Synth, Games, InstrumentalCheerful, Nostalgic, Underscore, UpbeatDownload Track
Sunday CruisingCristina RichardsJazz, Instrumental, SmoothThoughtful, Relaxed, Pensive, WhimsicalDownload Track
DigThomas BernalHeavy Rock, Instrumental, Metal, RockAggressive, Drama, Epic, Dark/SomberDownload Track
Nostalgia chill for librarySamuel RetyAmbient, SoulChill, Nostalgic, Relaxed, SoulfulDownload Track
Tom's Bluesy JamHenry DollarBlues, Country, Jive, RockCool, Dancey, Energetic Groovy, Sassy, UpbeatDownload Track
Happy, chill Lo-fi beatCaleb ChambersAmbient, Corporate, Games, Lo-fiChill, Feel Good, Gentle/Light, Happy, Hopeful/Optimistic, Relaxed/MeditationDownload Track
Happy, chill Lo-fi beat (loop)Caleb ChambersAmbient, Corporate, Easy ListeningChill, Feel Good, Gentle/Light, Happy, Hopeful/Optimistic, Relaxed/MeditationDownload Track
Dizko FusionMax Muir, Caleb Chambers, Angie KoranskiDisco, Electronic, PopCheerful, Funky, Hopeful, PositiveDownload Track
City JazzMax MuirElectronic, Jazz, PopChill, Gentle, Groovy, RelaxedDownload Track
SOUL THINGMax MuirFunk, SoulGentle, Feel good, Late Night, RelaxedDownload Track
The Final HoursMax MuirFilm Score, Games, New AgeChoral, Emotional, Mournful, Sad, UnderscoreDownload Track
Folk AnthemMax MuirCountry, Folk, PopCorporate, Inspirational, Optimistic, Positive, Reflective, UplifitingDownload Track
GLASS HOUSEMax Muir, Angela KoranskiAmbient, CinematicBizzare, Creepy, Sci-fi/Future, UnderscoreDownload Track
Milk tea on SaturdaySamuel RetyJazz, Lofi, Neo-SoulChill, Groovy, Happy/Optimistic, RelaxedDownload Track
ICICLE MASTERMax Muir, Angela KoranskiAmbient, Film ScoreChristmas, Happy, Inspirational, Nostalgic, Sentimental, UnderscoreDownload Track
HopefulAngela Koranski, Konstantin SiminovDance/Techno, Piano/Electric Guitar Instrumental, PopCuriosity, Hopeful, Intrigue, RomanticDownload Track
Bittersweet MemoriesSherlinAmbient, Games, Techno, PopChristmas, Cute, Lonely, SadDownload Track
Curiosity and the CatCristina RichardsFunk, Jazz, InstrumentalFeel Good, Optimistic, Relaxed, UpliftingDownload Track
The Ringmaster's WaltzCristina RichardsClassical, Instrumental, Piano Solo, WaltzConfident, Grand, Theatrical, NostalgicDownload Track
A very Strange HikeTom WilkinsonElectronic, SynthesizedAiry, Ambiguous, Mystical, StrangeDownload Track
In the cloudsTom WilkinsonAmbient, ElectronicElated, Strange, Optimistic, UpliftingDownload Track
F Minor Jazz FunkCristina RichardsElectronic, Funk, Jazz, InstrumentalCheerful, Feel Good, Happy, UpbeatDownload Track
Underwater GrooveCristina RichardsAmbient, Electronic, InstrumentalDark, Groovy, Relaxed, Sombre,Download Track
Intense Street FightMax MuirGames, Heavy, RockAggressive, Energetic, Intense, UpbeatDownload Track
Intense Street Fight LoopMax MuirGames, Heavy, RockAggressive, Energetic, Intense, UpbeatDownload Track
Graveyard FuneralAngela Koranski, Max MuirAmbient, Film ScoreCreepy, Eerie, Mournful, Sad, SpookyDownload Track
Heavy BluesMax MuirHeavy, RockAggressive, Blues, Funky, GroovyDownload Track
RedemptionMax MuirFilm Score, Indie, RockDark, Depressing, Epic, Sombre, UnderscoreDownload Track
Melon ChoralJemima LaagAlternative, Electronic, Indie/Ambient, Synth-PopBright, Gentle/Light, Heartfelt, Magical/MysticDownload Track
Mellow HelloJemima LaagAmbient, Indie Alt, Lofi/Pop, Synth PopGentle, Melancholy, Nostalgic/Sad, Small/HeartfeltDownload Track
The Ringmaster's Waltz (Orchestral Version)Cristina RichardsClassical, Instrumental, OrchestralConfident, Grand, Nostalgic, TheatricalDownload Track
The UnderdarkCristina RichardsElectronic, InstrumentalDark, Futuristic, Mysterious, UnderscoreDownload Track
90's Racing Game MusicSamuel RetyDance, Electronic, FunkAction/Sports, Energetic, Fast, GroovyDownload Track
Food for the soulSamuel RetyJazz, SoulGroovy, Sexy/Sensual, Smooth, Old SchoolDownload Track
70s Inspired FunkCristina RichardsFunk, InstrumentalFeel Good, Groovy, Happy, UpbeatDownload Track
FUTUREPUNKKonstantin SimonovDance/Techno, Electronic, Games, Production/Film ScoreAction, Aggressive, Dark, Sci-FiDownload Track
RUMBLEKonstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film Score, TechnoDark, Epic, Future, Strange, ThrillerDownload Track
TRONIACKonstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film Score, GamesDiscovery, Gentle, Horror, Sci-Fi Future, StrangeDownload Track
HAWSKonstantin SimonovDance, Electronic, House, FilmAction, Aggressive, Sci-Fi Future, StrangeDownload Track
FEELGOODKonstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiCheerful, Chill, Feel Good, Hopeful, Light, RelaxedDownload Track
KAV'S WAVEKonstantin SimonovElectronic, Film, Techno, SynthwaveAction, Future, Hopeful/Optimistic, UpliftingDownload Track
Electro ClubThomas WIlkinsonDance, Electronic, PopFun, Futuristic, Happy, TechnologicalDownload Track
What Could it BeThomas WilkinsonInstrumental, WorldBizarre, Discovery, Mystical, StrangeDownload Track
OUTRUNKonstantin SimonovElectronic, Film Score, Synthwave, TechnoAction, Dark/Sombre, Future, Hopeful, StrangeDownload Track
Groovy Beat (Latin)Cristina Richards, Thomas WilkinsonInstrumental, Latin, UnderscoreGroovy, Relaxed, Optimistic, UpbeatDownload Track
Dream of the FutureCristina RichardsAtmospheric, Electronic, InstrumentalAtmosphere, Futuristic, Mystical, UnderscoreDownload Track
Cyberpunk ScapeCristina RichardsElectronic, Hip-Hop, InstrumentalFuturistic, Rhythmic, Sci-Fi, UpbeatDownload Track
OP1 TYPE BEATKonstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiGentle, Hopeful, Nostalgic, UplifitingDownload Track
OP1 TYPE BEAT No.2Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiDiscovery, Future, Gentle, StrangeDownload Track
Coffee With YouMax MuirBlues, SoulFeel Good, Groovy, Light, RelaxedDownload Track
Above The Clouds High EnergyMax MuirFilm Score, GameAggressive, Ethereal, Magical, UpliftingDownload Track
OP1 TYPE BEAT No.3Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiCrime, Dark, Gentle, PensiveDownload Track
Above the clouds Low EnergyMax MuirFilm Score, GamesEthereal, Light, Magical, RelaxedDownload Track
The Nexus Loop VersionMax MuirAmbient, Film Score, GamesBizarre, Eerie, Ominous, Strange, UncomfortableDownload Track
Rainy BreakupMax Muir, Angela KoranskiAlternate, Indie, RockDark, Melancholy, Sad, Sombre, UnderscoreDownload Track
OP1 TYPE BEAT No.4Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiAction, Discovery, Suspense, ThrillerDownload Track
OP1 TYPE BEAT No.5Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiDrama, Gentle, Nostalgic, RelaxedDownload Track
OPERATOR 1 BEATKonstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiHorror, Nostalgic, Strange, ThrillerDownload Track
OPERATOR 1 BEAT No.2Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiChill, Hopeful, Magical, Pensive, RealxedDownload Track
OPERATOR 1 BEAT No.3Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiCheerful, Hopeful, Light, RelaxedDownload Track
OPERATOR 1 BEAT No.4Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiDiscovery, Feel Good, Gentle, RelaxedDownload Track
ArrivalThomas WilkinsonAmbient, ElectronicBizarre, Magical, Strange, UpliftingDownload Track
UnsettlingThomas WilkinsonAmbient, ElectronicAggressive, Dark, Scary, StrangeDownload Track
Unhappy HoursSherlinInstrumental, K-Pop, Piano, Pop,Drama, Emotional, Romantic, SadDownload Track
Piano and Drum Jazz LoopCristina RichardsJazz, InstrumentalAtmospheric, Chill, Gentle, RelaxedDownload Track
Fast Minor RockCristina RichardsRock, InstrumentalNostalgic, Strange, Optimistic, UpbeatDownload Track
Sad Piano Song 1Cristina RichardsInstrumental, Piano SoloLonging, Sad, Somber, PensiveDownload Track
Sad Piano Song 2Cristina RichardsInstrumental, Piano SoloDark, Dramatic, Reflective, SadDownload Track
Head in the cloudsCristina RichardsPiano/Solo Instrumental, New AgeHopeful, Light-Hearted, Mystical, OptimisticDownload Track
Unrequited Love Piano OnlySamuel RetyBallad, New Age, Piano/Solo InstrumentalGentle, Passionate, RomanticDownload Track
Unrequited Love CelesteSamuel RetyBallad, Piano/Solo InstrumentalGentle, Hopeful, Light, RomanticDownload Track
Unrequited Love Short VersionSamuel RetyBallad, Piano/Solo Instrumental, Vocal HarmonyGentle, Intimate, RomanticDownload Track
Unrequited Love Short Vocal HarmonySamuel RetyBallad, Vocal HarmonyGentle, Intimate, Melancholy, RomanticDownload Track
Unrequited Love Vintage Electric PianoSamuel RetyBallad, Piano/Solo InstrumentalHopeful, Light, Playful, Romantic, VintageDownload Track
Lonely Piano Solo MasterMax MuirInstrumental, PianoDepressing, Emotional, Lonely, NostalgicDownload Track
Synth Funk Rock GrooveCaleb ChambersDance, Funk, Rock, Synth-PopAction, Adventure, Aggressive, Epic, Feel Good, Sci-Fi/FutureDownload Track
Food Advertisement MusicWilliam WrightAudio Logs, Corp, Electronic, HolidayFeel Good, Light, Relaxation, UnderscoresDownload Track
DnB Pop ThingCaleb ChambersDrum and Bass, Electronic, Funk, Synth-PopAction, Aggressive, Feel Good, Magical, Sci-Fi/Future, UnderscoreDownload Track
Melancholy Slide 2Henry DollarAmbientBleak, Dreary, Melancholy, Reflective, Sombre, WistfulDownload Track
Angie PLAIN Guitar (Abeltoon)Angela Koranski, Max MuirAmbient, Contemporary, Country, Guitar InstrumentalGentle, Relaxing, Sad/Nostalgic, ThoughtfulDownload Track
Hillbilly jiveHenry DollarBluegrass, Blues, Country, FolkBizarre, Comedy, Feel Good, Groovy UpbeatDownload Track
Sky Heaven LoopMax MuirFilm Score, Games, LatinAiry, Dreamy, Light, RelaxingDownload Track
ContemplacionMax/AngieCinematic, Film ScoreDepression, Melancholy, Reflective, SombreDownload Track
EspiceyAngela Koranski, Konstantin SimonovDance, LatinDance, Romantic, Sexy/Sensual, SuspenceDownload Track
Tales of the EvergladesHenry DollarBluegrass, Country, Folk, Solo InstrumentalBouncy, Feel Good, Happy, WistfulDownload Track
Menacing EntranceThomas WilkinsonElectronic, InstrumentalDark, Epic, Scary, Sci-FiDownload Track
Club BangerAngela Koranski, Max MuirEDM, TechnoExciting, Intoxicating, Stimulating, UnderscoreDownload Track
Club ThemeAngela Koranski, Konstantin SimonovElectronic, House, TechnoDance, Exciting, Intoxicating, underscoreDownload Track
Modern DeepThomas BernalHip-Hop, Instrumental, TrapAction, Adventure/Discovery, Dark/Somber, Sci-Fi/FutureDownload Track
SugarThomas Bernal, Angela KoranskiHip-Hop, ReggaetonAction, Aggressive, Club, Dark/Somber, Epic, Sci-Fi/FutureDownload Track
BingBingThomas BernalChildren/Kids, Hip-HopAdventure, Comedy, Feel Good, GentleDownload Track
WindThomas BernalProduction/Film Score, Soundscape, WorldFeel Good, Gentle/Light, Magical/Mythical, Relaxation/MeditationDownload Track
Lofi BuzzThomas WilkinsonElectronic, InstrumentalAmbient, Feel Good, Gentle, RelaxationDownload Track
IntergalacticAngela Koranski, Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Film Score, SynthFuture, Magical/Mythical Thoughtful, UnderscoreDownload Track
Villains walkAngela Koranski, Max MuirAmbient, Dance, Latin, TechnoEvil, Experimental, Space, Underscore, VillainDownload Track
Dark VillageCristina Richards, Thomas WilkinsonAtmospheric, Dark, Horror, InstrumentalBuild, Dark, Intense, ScaryDownload Track
The CaveCristina Richards, Thomas WilkinsonAmbient, InstrumentalAtmospheric, Mysterious, Relaxed, UnderscoreDownload Track
Wonk Bass GrooveCristina RichardsGroovy, Hip-Hop, InstrumentalFuturistic, Gentle, Nostalgic, SomberDownload Track
Jazz Piano and Bass LoopCristina RichardsJazz, InstrumentalCalm, Feel Good, Optimistic, UpliftingDownload Track
Twilight GambleCristina RichardsInstrumental, Piano SoloCurious, Optimistic, Positive, SwingDownload Track
Memories of AmberCristina RichardsClassical, Instrumental, UnderscoreSad, Nostalgic, Pensive, RelaxingDownload Track
Villain Theme PianoCristina RichardsClassical, Piano Solo, UnderscoreAggressive, Epic, Suspenseful, VillainousDownload Track
Waiting On Better DaysJake FinkAmbient, Independent, Pop, RockFeel Good, Gentle/Light, Relaxation/Meditation, UpliftingDownload Track
AMBIENT MK1Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Production Film ScoreDiscovery, Future, Light, PensiveDownload Track
AMBIENT MK2Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, FilmDark, Future, Gentle, Pensive, StrangeDownload Track
AMBIENT MK3Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Games, FilmAdventure, Dark, Epic, Sci-Fi Future, SuspenseDownload Track
AMBIENT MK4Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Games, FilmDark, Discovery, Sci-Fi Future, Strange, Suspense, ThrillerDownload Track
AMBIENT MK5Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Games, Film ScoreDark, Future, Scary, Strange, Suspense, ThrillerDownload Track
FIELD Type 1Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Hip-HopFeel Good, Gentle, Hopeful, UpliftingDownload Track
FIELD Type 2Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesAggressive, Dark, Sci-Fi Future, Scary, Suspense, ThrillerDownload Track
FIELD Type 3Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesDiscovery, gentle, Sci-Fi Future, NostalgicDownload Track
FIELD Type 3 ALTERNATEKonstantin SimonovAmbient, Film, Games, Hip-HopFeel Good, Future, Gentle, HopeDownload Track
AMBIENT MK6Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesDiscovery, Future, Light, Mystical, PensiveDownload Track
AMBIENT MK7Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesDiscovery, Future, Light, NostalgicDownload Track
AMBIENT MK8Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Film, GamesHopeful, Mystical, Pensive, Sci-FiDownload Track
AMBIENT MK9Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, FilmDiscovery, Future, Gentle, HopeDownload Track
AMBIENT MK10Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesDark, Gentle, Mystical, Sci-FiDownload Track
FIELD Type 4Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Hip-Hop, Lo-FiChill, Crime, Feel Good, NostalgicDownload Track
AMBIENT MK11Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesDark, Discovery, Future, Horror, SuspenseDownload Track
AMBIENT MK12Konstantin SimonovAmbient, Electronic, Film, GamesGentle, Sad, Sci-Fi, StrangeDownload Track
SYNTHWAVE WHATS THATAngela Koranski, Konstantin SimonovElectronic, Techno, Synth WaveAction, Aggressive, Cinematic, UnderscoreDownload Track
ReunionAngela Koranski, Max MuirAmbient, Film Score, InstrumentalDrama, Feel Good, Gentle/Light, Hopeful/OptimisticDownload Track
Electric Reggeton BounceMax MuirElectronic, Latin, ReggetonDance, Energetic, Jazzy, UpliftingDownload Track
DescentCristina RichardsAmbient, Horror, Spooky, UnderscoreDark, Scary, Strange, SuspenseDownload Track
The Spice of LifeCristina RichardsElectronic, Instrumental, PianoCheerful, Goofy, Happy, UpliftingDownload Track
Jungle RingtoneAngela Koranski, Max MuirAmbient, RingtoneAdventure, Bright, Ringtone, UnderscoreDownload Track
Wheelie Bin SoulPatrick McClement, Samuel Rety, Jake RennieElectronic, Neo-Soul, Pop, ReggaeFeel Good, Summertime, Upbeat, Walking MusicDownload Track
DangerThomas/AngieAmbient, Production/Film ScoresCrime, Dark/Somber, Horror/Scary, SuspenseDownload Track
NostalgiaThomas/AngieClassical, Production/Film ScoresDark, Gentle, Hopeful, Sad/Nostalgic, UpliftingDownload Track
Country BackgroundWilliam WrightCountry, Western, UpliftingFeel Good, Funny, Twangy, UpliftingDownload Track
Groovy RNB ChillWilliam WrightElectronic, Future Bass, RNBChill Groovy, Silky, VibeyDownload Track
Groovy, Positive UpbeatWilliam WrightDisco, ElectronicaGroovy, Positive, Upbeat, UpliftingDownload Track
Hopeful ElectronicaWilliam WrightElectronica, IndieHopeful, Nostalgic, Optimistic, UpliftingDownload Track
Smooth Background Indie ChillWilliam WrightChill, Indie, RNBChill, Feel Good, Happy, HopefulDownload Track
Synthwave UpliftingWilliam WrightElectronic, SynthwaveFeel Good, Nostalgic, Optimistic UpliftingDownload Track
Uplifting Indie PopWilliam WrightElectronica, Indie, PopComing-of-Age, Feel Good, Hopeful, UpliftingDownload Track

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