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Upcoming Gig: Acoustic Endings

Catch the performances by our talented artists at Vermilion Records’ end of semester bash Tomorrow, June 1st

Upcoming Release: June by Laura Forden

Vermilion Records presents this beautiful and emotional single by Laura set to realease on June 2nd

Artist Spotlight: Laura Forden

Learn more about the background and musical journey of Laura, one of our artist that will be releasing her new single next month

Artist Spotlight: Jorja B

Learn more about the background and musical journey of Jorja, one of our artist that will be performing on June 1st

Artist Spotlight: Sofia Cirino

Learn more about the background and musical journey of Sofia, one of our artist that will be performing on June 1st

Vermilion Records' Gig Guide

Keep an eye out and make sure to check in regularly for when we announce the upcoming event that will feature our artists

Vermilion Records is a not-for-profit, student-run record label based out of the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Our roster of young, emerging talent are current students and alumni of QUT, as well as other local musicians. We consider ourselves a stepping-stone label for both musicians and students who are keen to work in the music industry.

Vermilion Records’ Artists


Find out more about Venüs and her music

Dublin Rose

Find out more about Dublin and her music

Ryan Kelly

Find out more about Ryan and his music

Jorja B

Find out more about Jorja and her music


Find out more about Maira and her music

Sofia Cirino

Find out more about Sofia and her music

Glass Crow

Find out more about Glass Crow and his music

Laura Forden

Find out more about Laura and her music

Vermilion Records’ Projects

Indie 100

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Chennai’s KM Music Conservatory have teamed up to change the focus of music education and give students the commercial skills to prosper in a rapidly changing industry.

Vermilion High

With the goal to get original local Brisbane music heard, Vermilion Records coordinates this awesome initiative every year that sees industry professionals and final-year university student mentors give feedback to the high school entrants.

Vermilion Magazine

Vermilion Record’s self-published magazine was created to represent its record label, but it also serves to represent you, and other music fans, across Australia and the whole world.

Vermilion Archive

Here you will find the profiles of all the previous artists that have released music under Vermilion Records through out the years.

Vermilion Records’ Events

Gig Guide

Need help to track what events are on for this 2023? Check out this gig guide with all the schedule appearances by our artists throughout the year

Past Events

Take a look back at all the past events brought to you by Vermilion Records’ artists and projects


Follow the Vemrilion records’ artists as they get ready to release their newest singles and music videos

Vermilion Records’ Broadcasts

Music Playlists

Listen to all the singles released during a year on these playlist compiled for your streaming pleasure

Live in Studio

Watch our noteworthy roster present a live recording of their latest releases and other fan favourites

Vermilion Radio

Listen in to our talented roster of artists sit-down with our team and share their experiences and opinions.

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