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Lauren Cuskelly of L.A. Photo by Nicolette Johnson


L.A wowed the crowd at our launch party. With her catchy pop tunes and groovy style, she’s well on her way to huge things. L.A’s debut track SODA has been in the works for a while, and it’s almost finally here! To kick off our Q&A series and to celebrate the release of SODA, we had a chat with Lauren of L.A.

VR: What was your inspiration behind SODA?
L.A: SODA initially started as just me writing another pop tune, but as I begun to deconstruct and refine the lyrics, I realised that the song was about anxiety or reacting to high pressured-situations. The sensation of popping a can of SODA can be compared to that of anxiety – the fizzing, the pressure before the crack, the bubbles rising to the top …
It was a cool concept to develop and write about. But overall, I am here for the next catchy tune, and that what was the most important part of writing SODA!!


VR: When did you realise that writing/performing was what you wanted to pursue?
L.A: Honestly, I can’t really remember an exact moment when I wanted to pursue music seriously – it happened organically. I had always studied music in some form, but through university is where I found my niche for writing pop tunes and it all came to be from there.


VR: Can we look forward to any more tracks coming up soon?
L.A: Yes!! I have another single for y’all to look out for …


VR: Favourite artists who inspire your music?
L.A: Charli XCX is definitely my biggest music inspiration. She is really forward in the pop genre and is a dynamic artist, constantly experimenting with genres and pop song structure. She definitely inspires me musically and branding wise – she is a pop culture icon!!
Lorde delivers insanely good lyrics and Dua Lipa is also owning the chats with catchy tunes which of course inspire my own song writing. Additionally, producers such as SOPHIE and A.G Cook who are insanely experimental and talented, challenge my ideas of creating music.


VR: Most importantly, what’s your favourite kind of SODA?
L.A: One that tastes even better at night … 😉

SODA is available now from wherever you stream.

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