Vermilion High is a project initiated by QUT’s student-run record label Vermilion Records. The label teams up with high school students to give them a platform to record and release an original song. For the average high school student who considers their bedroom music-making hobby to be ‘messing around,’ Vermilion High calls that potential! The program looks support bands, solo artists and anything in between, and no genre is off the table.

With the goal to get original local Brisbane music heard, each year Vermilion Records coordinates this awesome initiative that sees industry professionals and final-year university student mentors give feedback to the high school entrants. From there, the lucky winners get the opportunity to workshop their song and are invited to record and produce their track in QUT’s state-of-the-art studios.

Once the young up-and-coming artists have had their music professionally workshopped, recorded and produced, an album of high quality, catchy tunes is released and promoted. As Vermilion Records values serving to benefit their artists, the label handles licencing for a year, while the students keep the copyright to their song, and get to retain any profits their music may make. Vermilion High is dedicated to supporting and collaborating with students who may not otherwise be encouraged to follow their dreams.

Read more about Vermilion High on our blog, or check out the 2020 releases on Vermilion High Volume 1.

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