Ryan Kelly, professional known as RYN, is a Brisbane based producer and songwriter who blends exciting pop hooks with innovative electronic production techniques. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres including pop, future bass, and EDM, RYN developed a unique sound that blends complex feelings with driving beats, soaring melodies, and lush textures to create a unique sound that carries emotional depth.

Experimenting with music production software in his teenage years, RYN quickly developed a talent for creating catchy beats and hooks that stayed with listeners long after the song ended. Combining organic and electronic instruments, RYN was drawn to electronic music and its ability to blend different genres and sounds in exciting and unique ways. His incorporation of live instruments such as pianos and guitars into his productions lends inspiration from the likes of artists such as ILLINEUM and Gryffin. Since then, RYN has released engaging snippets of his productions online which his audience resonates with.   

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