19-year-old maira is a singer-songwriter and musician from Brisbane, Australia. Using music as a form of escapism, she navigates themes of growing up, self-identity and her own struggles with mental health. Crafting her own unique blend of indie-pop/rock, maira’s relatable and unfiltered lyricism meets infectious melodies that will sweep over you when you need them most.

When conversations feel empty and words alone aren’t enough, maira turns to her songwriting and musical creativity which serves as an outlet to express her struggles with mental health, growing up and self-identity.

Through her music, she hopes to help people feel seen and heard in their own struggles. Inspired by the sounds of Australia’s vast indie-pop and indie-rock scenes (think of Eliza and The Delusionals, MAY-A, etc.) maira is dedicated to crafting her own unique blend of ambient soundscapes, grungy guitars and the voice of someone who’s not afraid to speak her mind.

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