Tessa Fleur

Sunshine State songstress, twenty-three-year-old, Tessa Fleur, grew up surrounded by a multi-generational family of artists and musicians; an inspiring start for a youngster who always made music, and saw it as her destiny: “My childhood abounded with freedom, encouragement, and creativity. From early on, appreciating and exploring music seemed a part of everything I did.”

With Tessa’s debut single released in 2020, Sunset Melancholy encapsulated the reflective aspect of her nature, and her personal style of storytelling. The song’s ethereal dream-pop styling layers a creamy soundscape around her velvety lead vocal, lifted by rays of her delicate backing harmonies.

The juxtaposition of a shining, optimistic melody and an intimate, pensive lyric is a beautiful representation of Tessa’s vibrant yet contemplative personality. The song evokes a sense of floating alongside one’s demons, opening them to be understood, and offering a positive frame of reference. Out of Tessa’s empathetic centre, comes her desire to bring honesty to her exploration and understanding of the emotional challenges we all face.

Tessa is gearing up for the imminent release of her second track, The Hell of It All, a song inspired by her musical journey and crafted in a rural studio in the Scenic Rim with producer, Alistair Richardson. It’s about overcoming oppressive preconceived ideas and holding to the reinforcing beauty contained within the creative impulse. 

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