Drans is a Brisbane based artist, who releases Pop/Hip Hop and Acoustic styled music. Drawing  influence from Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Juice Wrld and Coldplay, Drans’ music does not shy away from blending and mashing well-established musical genres. Drans’ musical aspirations are simple: write music that makes people feel something. Whether it’s overt joy or painful sadness – his goal is connecting with the listener’s emotions. His intricate song-writing techniques ensure individual aspects of each song play a key role. Drans’ music tries to capture the listeners’ imagination and send them on a new journey each time they give his music a listen. Drans has now released four singles, ‘Brain’- 2018, ‘I Just Don’t’- 2018, ‘Dear’- 2020, with his newest releasing, released in November 2020- ‘Me’. Drans is currently writing music with the hopes of releasing his debut album in late 2021.

Through the use of acoustic instrumentation, melodically-simple vocals and swiftly moving harmonies, Drans’ music not only showcases his true identity, but hopes his music allows listeners to discover theirs too.

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