'Fast Driver' Coming Soon

by CHI

Just a human being a human. Living life. Feeling feelings. Grasping highs and riding lows. Writing stories and telling them in songs.

Chiara Keady, known professionally as Chi, is a singer/songwriter based in Brisbane. Bringing feelings to life in music, Chi employs both acoustic and electronic pop elements in her music. Since she was young, Chi was writing and creating stories and turning them into songs with the help of her Dad.

Chi studied composition further in high school, writing songs for movie trailers and contemporary dance pieces. She studied under a Bachelor of Music at QUT and worked at QUT’s student record label, Vermilion Records in helping artists brand themselves and further their careers as musicians. Chi has written both solo and collaboratively in a contemporary worship band called Emmanuel Worship to produce four live recorded songs across two albums in 2017 and 2019.

Throughout her studies, Chi has gained experience writing across various genres including pop, folk, acoustic, dance music, electronic, pop-rock, worship, rhythm n’ blues and soul music. She has also written arrangements for contemporary dance, movie trailers and instrumental pieces. Chi aspires to continue to grow her songwriting and production abilities to continue to tell stories and communicate feelings in music and plans to release her first solo debut single Fast Driver this year.

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