We sat down with our new girl on the block and got to know a little about her as a musician. Marley is an Indie Folk singer who has recently stepped onto Brisbane’s music scene with exciting plans to debut her music soon. Until then, enjoy this Q&A session with her!

How long have you been making music?

Marley: I have been writing songs for the past 7 or so years

What is your song-writing process?

Marley: Song-writing for me, like I’m sure it is for many other people, is more of an outlet for my emotions and thoughts on what’s happening around me. I tend to write down lines or phrases that I think of throughout my day either on my phone, notebook, receipt, a napkin, literally anything, and I compile it together. Every now and then I’ll piece lines/phrases together which I think fit. When I think I have something going I then match it with a simple chord progression. Find a melody and fill in the gaps with lyrics to tie everything together.

What tips do you have for artists playing their first show?

Marley: Enjoy it. Be confident and have a good time.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges with music?

Marley: I think a major challenge of being an artist in this day and age is definitely generating an income through your craft. Streaming services are great as a consumer with more than 50 million songs available to you for a small monthly fee, but the artist who has invested time, love and money into a song or album is definitely not credited enough for their work.

Go follow Marley’s artist page HERE!

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