Singer and Song writer “Maddison Kate” gets candid about her struggles as a young artist in music industry, her journey and influences and shares her passion for music.

By Shifa Mehra

16 september, 2022

I got an opportunity to have a really interesting conversation with the very talented Maddison Kate, which gave me a better understanding of the sacrifices and inspiration to achieve the level of authenticity that Maddison has so beautifully done. Here is the full conversation recorded specially for you.

The interview was taken at ‘La boite’ during Mornings at Merlo. Photography by Casey Alexander and Flynn Jullyan.

Shifa: Great to have you here with us Maddison. Thank you for coming. So our first question for you is, what do you like the most about your life as a musician? And what do you hate the most about it as well?

Maddison: What I love the most is probably being able to do something every day that I love whenever I want to, and having that as an option. And what I hate the most you can be I are guess the risks it takes. It’s very hard to make it in the industry. So it’s unfortunate having a passion like that.

Shifa: Honestly, when I was listening to you, I thought to myself, she’s so talented. And she deserves to go ahead. Good luck with that. So how did you come up with your artist’s name?

Maddison: Thank you so much. So my artist name is Maddison Kate. Kate actually is my middle name. My parents always call me Katie and I really wanted to incorporate it into my artist’s name because I feel like it’s a bit of my personality now.

Shifa: And did you always wanted to become an artist?

Maddison: I did. Well, I’ve been singing for quite a while now. So yes, I did.

Shifa: That’s awesome. And at what age did you write your first song?

Maddison: What age? Oh, quite young. Probably about nine.

Shifa: And what was it about?

Maddison: A lot of the songs actually I don’t know what they’re about, like this one wasn’t actually about my life, It was kind of a story and it was called “Live your life”. And it was just a bit random. My parents were a bit worried about me when I wrote it because it was a bit sad. It was kind of like wanting to, like escape and like, but I wasn’t like that. It was just how it came out. But yeah, everyone really liked it. And now actually. I still get.

Shifa: Yeah, sometimes it’s good to just jump into the dark mode for art.

Maddison: Exactly. Yeah, I can’t help it. It’s yeah.

Courtesy: Maddison kate and Danielle, @iamwomanstudio.

Shifa: Who do you think has influenced you the most from the industry?

Maddison: I think. Missy Higgins is a pretty big influence for me. Especially as an Australian artist. I love all of her songs. And also, Ed Sheeran, which is a bit of an obvious like, everyone probably says, but he has influenced me a lot has a lot of his earlier stuff. Yeah, I just feel like I have a similar vibe to that.

Shifa: That’s fantastic. So this is just to have a better understanding of your thinking and writing strategy. Can you share your songwriting process with us?

Maddison: The process depends on the song, but usually, I don’t have too much of an idea when I’m writing about when I start. I guess It just kind of comes out. And then I form like a concept or a story around it. And other times if I do really want to write something that’s going on in my life. I kind of write down lyrics first, and then go with the melody. Yeah, that’s kind of my different ways of doing it..

Shifa: Awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Who would you say you sound like?

Maddison: I mean, I have been told sounds similar to Missy Hagen sometimes, which I love. It’s amazing for me. Then there’s another Australian artist called Asha Jefferies, which I’ve been told I sound like. And also randomly Halsey.

Shifa: Yeah, Definitely, Your voice sure does have that same magic. Okay, this is my favourite question of the lot. What would your dream performance look like? Who would it be with and what where would you like to perform it?

Maddison: This is hard, I think. Probably somewhere like the Riverstage where it’s all out in the open. And I guess my dream has always been to have a big crowd with lights just singing my song back to me. That’s like the ultimate dream. And who would it be with? Yeah, probably someone like Missy Higgins.

Shifa: Awesome. And what would your profession be? If not music?

Maddison: Oh, well, I really love every type of writing. So probably an author or any kind of creative writing.

Shifa: Very Interesting. So Maddison, tell me how do you cope up with the wild schedules and the hustle that the industry asks for?

Maddison: I guess I just have to find the right balance. And I sort of have to prioritise my music because it is what I want to do ultimately. So I guess I just have to find, yeah, the time for it. And plan. it right.

Shifa: Is it tough to come up with music at times, creatively, whilst you’re struggling?

Maddison: Yes. Sometimes. When I’m stressed, I play music and then I try to write a song but annoyingly, it won’t happen. And then I get annoyed and yeah its insane.

Shifa: Maybe just write about the annoyance.

Maddison (chuckles): That’s a good idea next for the next time that happens to me.

Shifa: So what are the day-to-day sacrifices that you made for your industry? Because I think that makes an artist proud to know that they have come so far. So what is your story and sacrifices,

Maddison: I guess I just can’t do as much like other things. I can’t explore as many other avenues because I’m very interested in a lot of things. A lot of creative things, like fashion writing, even acting, but for ya know, I love music, I wouldn’t change that being my priority.

Shifa: I totally relate. I am sure many of our audience would find that relatable too. So where do you find your day to day inspiration to write a song.

Maddison: My day to day inspiration? I think I often draw from just like specific emotions, I feel sometimes. And then, like, create a story kind of around it. So I guess there’s like, so many emotions out there. So it’s giving me a lot of material.

Shifa: That was the last question. Amazing. Thank you so much for doing this interview with Vermilion. It was really great chatting with you.

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