By Shifa Mehra

‘Serendipiti’ means that feeling when everything’s sort of falling into place.


While interviewing with our very favourite Jess or as we all know her, Serendipiti, I came across the most freshest answers given with some contagious passion and a very authentic vibe, something that is really rare to find in this dog-eat-dog industry. With an amazing singing style Serendipiti also has the energy of a very optimistic artist. Let’s have a look at the conversation specially recorded for you.

“I like connecting. What means the most to me with music is very much connecting with people through song.”

-What Serendipiti likes about being a musician.

“What I like the most is definitely, without a doubt, the feeling when you play a song to someone, and they really listen and really hear and really feel it. And it really speaks to someone, and you can tell that it’s helped them to feel something.” Serendipiti on what she likes about being a musician. Every opportunity comes with a flip side, a point of view that no one really sees. Serendipiti talks about her struggles by stating “I’m so mean to myself all the time, and it makes me feel terrible. I don’t like that bit.” It is so understandable as she is an artist and art comes to some as a form of self-loathing.

A lot of my songs I think are telling myself that it’ll be okay.”


When asked about how she came up with such a creative artist name she replied,”Oh, serendipity, when I was about 11, I remember I had this very distinct memory of sitting in my bed, reading this book called Finding Serendipity. And it was a really nice book, I can’t even remember what it was about, but I remember enjoying it. I remember sitting on my bed, thinking to myself, If I ever were to become a musician and have my own music career, I’d like to call myself Serendipity.  I remember writing it down in a little book beside my bed. I just had that little thought, and it’s also my favourite word. It means that feeling when everything’s sort of falling into place. So, I’m being true to my little 11-year-old self.”

Every musician’s personal journey inspires their fans just as much as their tunes and lyrics do. When I heard about her journey, and why she wanted to be where she is now, it not only gave me a better understanding of Serendipiti as an Artist but also of Jess as a human. I recall her saying “My dad’s a musician and songwriter, for as long as I can remember, as long as I could speak, I’ve been singing. Then when I was younger, I started writing when I was around five. I’d get really  anxious about stuff. I remember thinking I had been bitten by a spider. And then I would sing myself a little song to make myself feel better. From that, I just sort of kept using music as that kind of way to make sense of what I’m feeling. I think when I was six or seven when I wrote my first song. And it was it was a very short one. It wasn’t a whole song, but it was about when you get worried, telling yourself that it’ll be okay. A lot of my songs I think are telling myself that it’ll be okay.” Staying true to her artist name I reckon. I admire her authenticity.

“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to do music just because it’s what Dad’s always done. He very much inspires me.”


When chatting with the young musician who has her mind set on her goals and is working really passionately towards them, one does wonder who inspires her, and what keeps her going. When asked about it she replied “My biggest inspiration is honestly my dad, he’s the reason that I write songs. Also, my best friend Annabelle really inspires me when she writes her music. My friends really inspire me with songs that they write. In terms of bigger artists, I’m really inspired by Gretta Ray. I love what she’s doing. Also, Aurora. Some childhood some inspirations include like, Enya and Dido”  

Discussing Serendipiti’s writing process and aproach “It depends whether I’m doing writing by myself or whether I’m in a co-write session. When I’m in the co-write session that often varies. We’ll do a mind map to start off with or some sort of brainstorming session, just have a big chat about what’s going on in our lives and write stuff down as we go, then we’ll sort of pick a word or a phrase or something that jumps out at us from that.  Some of my favorite songs have just come from big conversations, you kind of write words down as you’re talking, and compile them afterwards. But that’s sort of the writing process. When I’m writing by myself. generally, it’s like, oh, okay, I have a feeling that I feel like I need to unpack. And I want to figure this out. I normally sit down come up with some sort of little riff II thing on my guitar. And then I come up with some sort of melody, and then, you know, start singing the “dadadadas”, and then the dadas turn into words and then the words turn into a song”

Serendipiti’s Ideal performance would combine elements that are really important to her, which is music, connection, and nature, and being really present and real and together. She feels like it would be on, a festival stage, but one of those intimate festival stages, with like, warm lighting. And with like a kitchen chandelier and many fairy lights.”

“There will be Lots of nature, lots of plants. And everyone’s together. Everyone’s really listening, everyone’s singing along together, the feeling of when everyone’s singing together is really special.  Everyone’s either standing or sitting down, and all singing together. Lots of plants, probably in trees out there in nature, and preferably to be singing  for a cause as well to be singing at  an event for  something., I’m really passionate about climate change action, so to be singing for something that’s making a difference, or fundraising for that, so that I’m not only sharing my music, but I’m actually making a difference as well.” she further elaborates. 

If not an artist Serendipiti would probably do something in the art sector. “I love writing. I’m very passionate about climate action, something in the environmental and people sector in the arts also love like public speaking. So, something in the arts, presenting, writing, environmental, people realm. quite vague, but quite specific.”

So how does our favourite young artist copes up with the struggles and hustles of being a musician and finding a balance?  “Chaotically?” she replies “My answer is with great chaos, and frantic energy?” She elaborates on her chaotic routine by stating “My brain’s always doing a million things at once, so I have to write it down so that it happens. My little motto has been to do more of the things that make me feel like yes, this is what life’s about. So, I’ve been trying to amongst all the chaos in the busyness, make sure that I really make time to do those things. Because they’re the things that refill my energy and make me feel motivated to keep doing all the things that I’m doing, I feel like that’s a big thing. Making sure I have time to refill my life energy cup so that I can refill my battery recharge my energy so that I can keep sorting it out.” Ain’t this approach refreshing! We really appreciate Miss Serendipiti for sharing this with us.

We ended our chat by discussion on a slightly vulnerable note. I asked her about the sacrifices That she has made to become an artist in the over competitive music industry, and does she regret any of it, to which she replied, ” I don’t regret anything. I’m still working on it. I think that is my answer. I’m still working on all of it. I’m still in the process of working and building it. And, creating it for myself. It’s busy. It’s a bit chaotic, but I do really enjoy it. I don’t know if sacrifices are the right word, but logistically, sometimes, I’ll have to miss out on, parties or whatever, because I’m gigging, but I’m still glad to be doing it. I’m still working on the balance of working on my music and getting rolling and getting booked places as well as having a social life and working. it’s just a lot. so, the sacrifices I guess is just being busy. But if it wasn’t music, I’d be busy with something else but I’m glad this is it.”

Thank you Serendipiti for being so transparent with us.

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