by Richie Goodacre

Vermilion Records band Safety Hazard performing at Brightside showcase 2022.

When the term ‘Brightside‘ passes the lips of most people in the modern day, you’d almost correctly assume that the word followed on from ‘Mr.’ Conjuring up an image of Brendon Flowers from The Killers bellowing out the massive hit to crowds of thousands around the globe. Or perhaps you best recognize it as your best friend’s go-to karaoke anthem, passionately singing along to the lyrics with the crowd joining in unison. Or maybe it is best remembered as a pivotal song to blast at total volume during a halftime show at a packed stadium supporting your favourite sports team. From 2014 onwards, perhaps you could also be referring to the Fortitude Valley music venue, The Brightside, which since its inception has been a hotspot for emerging artists and punters who are into punk rock alternative music. Tour company Destroy All Lines and Management agency The Fan’s group are the brainchild behind Brightside. Having recognized the demand for alternative music in a district primarily known for its dance and techno hits, Brightside entered the chat. Since its inception, some of Brisbane’s best and brightest upcoming bands have graced the stage, including but not limited to Kisschasy, The Getaway Plan, King Parrott, and Hands like Heaven. 

Over the years, the venue has also been host to other art forms, namely Stand-up comedy, showcasing Brisbane’s up-and-coming kings and queens of funny. 

Being one of the host venues for “Battle Of the Bands”, as well as Vermilion Record’s showcase, Brightside has cemented itself as a refreshing breeding ground for up-and-coming talent for years to come.    

Once known as the house of god, now known as the house of loud rock with a plethora of followers lining up to worship.

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