Have you listened to ‘Easy’ by Tabby & Sanjai yet? Late last month, the duo hailing from Chennai, India released their stunning debut single, the first from Vermilion Records’ upcoming Indie 100 India 2019 album.

Featuring warm two-part harmonies and thoughtful instrumentation, ‘Easy’ is a deeply personal insight into loneliness and the torrent of emotions felt at the end of a relationship. 

“Everybody goes through separation and loss. It seems harder than we think we can bear, but we all learn to live with it. And it does get easier with time,” explains the duo. Recorded during Vermilion Records’ 2019 trip to Chennai, the song features the production work of renowned Indian producer Deepak Sugathan.

‘Easy’ took Tabby & Sanjai some time to perfect. “The very first draft of the song was written towards the end of 2016… It took a lot of time for us to write two-part harmonies that we were satisfied with: we changed the key of the song, added an outro and an instrumental interlude until the song was finally completed only a few weeks before its recording in mid-2019,” they conclude. It seems that all the revisions were worth it, though, considering the delicately beautiful result that evokes comparisons to the likes of Bon Iver, Joni Mitchell and Sufjan Stevens.

This track is the first release from the upcoming Indie 100 India 2019 album, the result of Vermilion Records’ 2019 trip to India. Over the course of two weeks, Australian students from the Queensland University of Technology and Indian music students from KM Conservatory collaborated to host live performances, recording sessions and business workshops across Chennai in the country’s east. Beginning in 2017, the project has kindly been sponsored by both universities, EarthSync and the Australian Federal Government.

Since its late September release, ‘Easy’ has already reached over 1,000 streams on Spotify and bumped the duo’s monthly listenership to over 400. Be sure to give it a listen and keep an ear out for the next Indie 100 single: ‘The Rage of Reetigowla’ by The Cosmic Convergence, dropping next week!

Click below to listen:

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