The Graveyard Club, consisting of Aria Daniels, Tom Wilkinson, Cristina Richards and Max Muir have their sights set on carving their identity into the local music scene. Having formed in May of 2022, the band has spent their late years of QUT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts refining their personal styles and fleshing out their distinct Alt-Rock sound. The Graveyard Club offers brutally honest perspectives on emotionally charged experiences paired with lush vocals and a variety of rock styles. Having been inspired by bands such as, Queen, Mother Mother, Nirvana, Sir Chloe, and many others, the band aims to innovate the rock genre.  


November 3rd, 2023 marked The Graveyard Club’s first release, ‘Hateful Appetite’. With support from family, friends and colleagues the track achieved more success than anticipated and motivated the group to continue working hard on their next projects.