Welcome to LA, a glitzy city where it’s always night-time and it’s always a party…

Lauren Cuskelly (L.A) is creating a musical world of her own. Musical boundaries will be stretched out of the ordinary, but her creative lyrics and addictive pop melodies ensure that listeners will continue flock to her.

With a musical upbringing similar to that of many other artists, it was when Cuskelly uncovered her most influential of music idols that her attention changed and her new take on song-writing began to set her apart from the rest. From piano lessons at a young age, L.A turned to pop-songwriting in her teen years. It was at this pivotal time that the out-there, and sometimes controversial, styles and songs of Katy Perry, Halsey and Charli XCX shifted Cuskelly’s focus, and fueled her determination.

Cuskelly commenced her tertiary studies in a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland University of Technology in 2016. Since then her effort has been driven into work-shopping her song-writing, challenging her genre and stylistic choices, and embracing live performance. With an obsession for Pop Culture extending beyond the music scene, L.A’s 21st century influences are evident in her lyrics, signature sound, visual performance and even the instrumental content of her tracks. Crafting audio samples from social media and television icons and integrating them through some of her electronic works is just one example of L.A’s modern approach to pop music, in every sense of the word. L.A continues to explore the genre of experimental electronic music, perfectly complementing her glitchy glitzy vocals and forward-thinking topics.

Cuskelly has also invested her recent time and talent into harvesting her other powerful skillset of visual and graphic design. The ability to create her own graphics, complementary video material, and envisage the entirety of her artist persona sets her ahead of her peers. She can envision and create her entire product; the visual and aural world that is L.A.

With her eye for aesthetic pleasure, and an ear for textural perfection LA has the winning combination for a pop-artist in 2018. Her vision and drive propels her, and her knowledge of her genre and society means that she is fearless. She is post-pop, always with one foot across the line and into the future.

“There is always something on the horizon.”

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