The Letter Elle

Gabrielle Emery at 20 years of age is a young woman whose youthful musical talents are gradually taking bloom, her future bursting with opportunities. Gabrielle was born in Melbourne and at an early age moved with her family to the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. Beguiled by music at a young age, Gabrielle channeled her untold energies and vitality into singing and songwriting, as well she took to fastidiously teaching herself guitar and piano.

At age 17, she first begun her endeavours as a professional musician, forming ‘The Letter Elle’. After performing all over South-East Queensland, her debut EP, ‘The Girl in the Green’ was released at the end of 2017.

She has recently taken to a more producer role in her latest single, ‘Through the Night’ and has more self-produced works in the making.

Gabrielle’s voice is beautifully deep, melodic and powerful, and her songwriting prowess is lyrically both autobiographical and observational. Gabrielle is cut from a similar musical cloth as female power/pop vocalists Meg Mac and Missy Higgins while also stylistically she tips her hat to Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles. Mix these influences with Gabrielle’s unmistakable originality, eccentricity, and music theatre background, and you have a young woman whose music creations will take on the world.


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