Bamboo Bonsai

Bamboo Bonsai is the solo project of Brisbane multi-instrumentalist/producer/mix engineer Yusuf Memon. Since infancy, music has been the outlet for Memon’s inherent, prolific creativity with him learning drums and piano from a young age. However, it was at age 15, when he first picked up the guitar, that his passion for music skyrocketed. Shortly after, a preemptive writing process would start, and what would eventually result in Bamboo Bonsai began, though Memon certainly traveled through many different musical phases to reach it.

Throughout his adolescent years, as Memon honed his instrumental skill, it was inspiration from various genres and artists that captivated and inspired him into a stalwart creative career. Whether it was the fluid, virtuosic drumming of those such as Billy Cobham and Yussef Dayes, or the ear melting textural approach from the Shoegazers of the ‘90s, inspiration would materialise from various sources in order to form the sonically diverse palate which Bamboo Bonsai explores.

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